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Web Site Programming Services we build the engine to power your site!

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An interactive site is an effective site. Emenki Web Solutions can design and implement interactive web applications utilizing the PHP programming language and MySQL Database.

Emenki Web Solutions is versed in doing Web Programming using the languages PHP, ASP, JavaScript and mySQL. We offer fully customized database driven programming solutions, and are able to build client specific programs for their web site!

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If you would like to discuss what systems we can code for you, call us at 905-518-3624!

Custom Solutions

We are versed in starting custom solutions from the ground up using our own bullet proof frameworks, or we can take existing code and modify it to work for your needs. In some cases, modifying existing code may be a bigger task than migrating to a more newer elegant solution that will take less time and save you money.

CMS Modification

With all the popular Content Management Systems, there is always a need to modify it to do something it does not do out of the box. Whether its as simple as programming in an HTML / CSS Skin, or extending core features to fit your workflow -- we can do either!

API Development

API calls and programming are more and more essential in today's web world. For many it's as simple as calling to Twitter, Facebook API's to display content on the site. For others, they need to build their own API for others to call out to. Let us help you program either solution that you need.